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We're specialists in employer branding, research and candidate attraction. We help organisations achieve their business aims by identifying, communicating, managing, campaigning and measuring the things that define them as better employers.

If you're trying to engage better with candidates, attract and retain the right talent, or simply trying to establish what certain groups think about you as an employer, we can bring our expertise and skills to the table to help you find the solution.

We can either consult in house - which will outline the best way to achieve your aims - or we can carry out the whole thing from research and planning, right through to production and implementation of the brand and its tools…building you an engaging employer brand which is distinctive, original and sustainable.

How we work

Agree Goals
  • This is most important part of the process, understanding what you want to achieve out this piece of work and what impact you want to make. So before we set our teams to work, we make sure we thoroughly understand the problem we're about to solve - perhaps challenging you on your objectives if we feel its necessary. Once we've all agreed on the brief and a scope of work we'll discuss timescales and get started. We'll only produce original, creative work that will directly address the agreed objectives - and also keeping our work relevant, fresh and importantly, our clients happy.

  • Before we jump into action - we’ll listen to stakeholders, hiring managers, candidates and employees - whoever the key players are that we need to engage with. We’ll gather answers to a whole host of relevant questions and listen to the opinions that give us the insight we need.  These findings will underpin and validate our thinking - that way we can be sure we'll develop the perfect solution for you. 

Share Ideas
  • We’ll come in and present our ‘big ideas’ to you in person. It could be a simple landing page - or something more substantial like an Employer Brand Proposition - whatever the activity it will link directly back to the 'agree goals' part of working together. You'll get to see the validation behind our recommendation as we'll refer to our research and findings every step of the way. This is your opportunity to feedback also - and we'll expect to hear it. 

  • With over 20 years' experience to call on - we approach delivery of every project on a bespoke basis. Our teams are experts in delivering their own speciality and we simply pull them together using our agile approach to project management. This means we can work more quickly than most agencies. We also make sure you have full visibility of how we're progessing as we'll update you regularly. At every stage of the process we ask ourselves one simple question: Is this the most intelligent way to achieve the objectives?

Sidney Pest management

Nothing gets past Sid - his meticulous attention to detail makes for perfection in delivery.


Senior developer

Jared's online experience started back in the days of dialup modems and he hasn't look back since. He's been involved in web based projects of all scales and sizes, with extensive experience in ecommerce, online recruitment and content management systems. Since the introduction of smart phones Jared has developed multiple mobile careers sites and CMS systems.

Interesting facts about Jared:
Is a keen surfer
Enjoys horse riding
Speaks French
Tries to make electronic music

Le Berre

Senior developer

After graduating with a Degree in Business, Nicolas made the switch to Web Development where he found his true calling. Specialised in all things dynamic, he is particular focused on database integration, javascript and php.

Interesting facts about Nicolas:
Loves surfing
Is French
Passionate about music

Joe Maggs


Joe has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Whether you need a single line or several thousand, he believes that every word should count.

Clever, creative - call it what you like - his role is to craft copy that gets you results.

Interesting facts about Joe:
Dived the Great Barrier Reef
Proposed underwater in Belize
Hates sea water

Barbara - Crunch expert


Babs (to her friends) is our taste expert - it won't happen if she doesn't like it.

What we do

We’re an Employer Brand consultancy with a single clear mission - to bring people and brands together like never before. We optimise brands for the candidate market.

This means we develop propositions, produce creative and toolkits to empower your recruitment teams to be communication experts without the effort.  

What makes us tick

We want to make the recruitment process better – the current method is dull, transactional and commonly accepted as being pretty rubbish by candidates, recruiters, hiring managers, HR teams etc.

Why accept this? We won’t.

Reasons to improve recruitment are both ethical and commercial. Candidates are customers, either current or potential, why risk a poor recruitment experience - the consequences are countless. A bad experience could mean candidates wont want to accept your offer or recommend you as a place of work – in fact they’ll actively discourage applications. And let's not forget it will probably put them off buying your products and services too – the list could go on.

With a quick review of your recruitment process, an understanding of your existing tools and recruitment partners, ATS etc – we can swiftly optimise the current experience and turn it into a candidate centric one - creating toolkits, comms strategies for your teams to use.

And it doesn’t stop there – we prefer to work on a long term basis. We can carefully plan your attraction activity over the next 12 months – to follow the peaks and troughs of your recruitment year – monthly reporting and recommendations to make sure we help you regulary optimise, review and make best use of all your attraction channels.

We also make it our job to update you on the latest employer branding news.

In short we’re nuts about this industry and we want to make a difference.

Who we work with




15 High St, Colerne, SN14 8DB

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