Tales from a Jobseeker



So anyway, a customer walks into a shop with his money in his hand and enquires about several products with the sales assistants. The first assistant doesn’t like the jumper he’s wearing and ignores him.

The second assistant greets him initially, then loses interest and walks off. The third assistant decides quietly to himself that the customer is too old for these products and after some polite small talk, attempts to persuade the customer that they don’t want to buy these products.

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The six mistakes recruiters make on social media



Here’s a post from one of our favourite writers Phil Welch – he often helps us create great work for our clients – and he’s also very interesting.

With the inexorable rise of first Facebook, then Twitter, LinkedIn and plenty more, there’s a massive audience of potential job candidates now using social media. So, if you’re a recruiter and you’re not using them, you’re missing out.

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Welcome to the Peters-Fox Blog



We’ve been meaning to start this blog for a long time…

Here we’ll share our thoughts on topics we really care about – mainly to do with recruitment, candidate experience and employer branding.

This wont be a just a ‘beauty parade’ to show off our work – promise.
Don’t worry it won’t be all serious and moody – but we often look at our topics from a different angle.

We’re not the experts in everything – so we’ll be using our vast network to contribute for posts
Get in touch if there’s a subject you’re itching to wax lyrical about – we’d love to hear from you.