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Vodafone Graduate

After an exciting Group wide announcement that Graduate Schemes were going to be implemented in VF UK - we knew there would be a lot of attention on this campaign. We needed to think innovately and creatively about attracting and engaging with our target audience. 


Vodafone have always hire grads for everyday roles - however Vodafone Group felt it was time to create a dedicated scheme, designed to give this new blood a thorough insight into life there.


This was the first time VF had recruited grads in some years so we were under some scrutiny as to how and what we were planning. The Grads were very familiar with the consumer brand (maybe even customers) and it was critical to deliver an exciting experience and one that regardless of outcome candidates would still think Vodafone is a good place to work.


Working collaboratively with internal teams and using the advertising arm of one of the resourcing partners - we planned a multi-channel approach using a few key websites, making the most of free content on selected Uni career sites – using a clear call to action that candidates were to apply on a specially created microsite. To help with selection we designed and wrote a pre-qualifying questionnaire – within the application. We took great care that all comms for this campaign were candidate focussed and we used a variety of channels including text messages. Those successful candidates were invited to a Vodafone Experience event – positioned as a chance for the candidate to meet vodafone. The day took months of planning, which included ex-grads meeting attendees at the train station. We designed and led the management for the whole event – from branding, collateral, videos and follow up surveys.


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