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NCR Employer Brand

NCR run the everyday transactions that make your life easier - you might not be familiar with them - however they're the name behind most ATMs and self service checkouts. They're changing the way we pay for things - making it easier, faster and safer. 


NCR needed to refresh their current recruitment marketing efforts to align with their new corporate band – and also create an exciting reason for candidates to join NCR. 


This is was important for a few reasons – mainly consistency and candidate experience, there is no point investing in a corporate brand if you undermine it when you speak with candidates. We researched and found candidates just weren’t aware of NCR, what they did and why they’re a great place to work.


We took our insight, combined in with the new brand to create a few concepts and plumped for the
Everyday people’ proposition. This enhances the corporate ‘Everyday made easier’ – making it easy for candidates to recognize the relationship between the two. Used in conjunction with an opposite statement creates powerful results ‘Everyday people - Extraordinary work’.


  • Employer branding
  • Copywriting
  • Careers website designs
  • Mobile website designs
  • Photography
  • Social media brand config


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News & stuff from Peters-Fox