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  • Invensys Internal comms


With recruiters in over 50 countries - we needed to help recruiters interact and keep up to date with Invensys news and recruitment tools – whatever country they're based in.


We developed an existing Sharepoint platform - to create a central hub for recruiters interact,  keep up to date with Invensys news – and be able to acess the latest recruitment tools - whatever country they are based in.


There was a lack of communication between teams and the aim was to create consistency among global recruitment marketing efforts therefore improving the candidate experience. 


When we identified the existing sharepoint platform - it wasn't being used extensively  at Invensys. After a bit of research we realized this was a perfect solution to our needs. We asked the team what they wanted to help them and this was important to give them a channel to their needs and ideas into the project. It was clear we didn’t want to create a ‘document’ repository it needed to be more interactive so we enabled blogs for leaders to write their updates, RSS feeds with uptodate industry and recruitment news, also twitter feeds showing who’s saying what about Invensys – and much more. We tried to use ‘auto updates’ so the site needed little intervention. It was a real success and went up for in Personnel Today award.


  • Sharepoint website
  • Internal Rail site
  • E-Brochure
  • Country specific Media buying guides
  • Graphic design

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News & stuff from Peters-Fox