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Yellow Pages

The national institution that is the Yellow pages needed some help launching its new compact stature.


In 2010 the YP radically changed format to become compact – we were asked how could we promote the launch of the new compact book and how we promote this to an audience who have only ever searched for companies online? 


This was the biggest change to the book since its launch in 1966 – so it was a historical event worthy of promotion, insights showed that consumer search habits had moved significantly online over the last 10 years – so there was a whole generation who’d never used the books – and we wanted to raise awareness to that audience especially.


We wanted to reposition the book as a modern and relevant tool for today and shake of the ‘old fashioned’ preconception and make it cool again. We decided on filming a viral as it was a way of capturing interest from the online community – and allowed us to have a bit of fun whilst demonstrating a key benefit (fits through the letterbox). This was also supported with PR, doorstep delivery collateral, an online competition – it was a ground breaking campaign however the results were outstanding.


DPA Digital Publishing Award Winners 2010
Over 200k views of youtube videos
Over 3000 likes on the FB page
Over 100 entries to the FB competition

  • Launch of compact YP
  • Viral video campaign
  • Social media competition
  • Consumer media plan
  • Project management


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