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Vodafone Referral Scheme

As owner of all things related to recruitment marketing - it was really important to improve the existing paper based referral scheme to increase applications - and also enhance the candidate experience. 


The referral scheme at VF was one of their key routes to market - and widely known referral candidates were not only more successful in their application - but also stayed longer as employees.  


The existing paper based system was old fashioned and prone to problems as ‘paper’ often went missing. Each resourcing partner used their own methods to track and communicate with candidates. No central system meant lots of queries with employees missing their ‘referral reward’ as there was no tracking - so the whole process and experience needed rebuilding from scratch.


Working with the RPOs, HR, HR systems, Resourcing managers, brand and internal comms we set to work creating a new process which was centred around a new referral tool we’d specially created for the scheme. We launched a marketing campaign using the line ‘we’re looking for someone like you’ and directed traffic to the tool – to enable employees to take control on their referrals and track them. Referral number increased by 46% in the specialist teams – and as one of the cheapest ways of attracting candidates we were very popular afterwards. It was so successful it went on to be used by Vodafone Group too.

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