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    Microsoft global campaign against
    the piracy of Microsoft products

Microsoft Anti-Piracy

Microsoft needed to communicate internally a very serious message about 'anti piracy'. We were encouraged by the client to be as creative as possible in our delivery - to keep the attention of the audience. And we really went to town...


Microsoft wanted innovative, creative digital ideas to complement the existing off-line promotion of their anti-piracy campaign. The aim was to create awareness around the PC community about the potential for legal action against refurbishers and resellers using illegal software. The approach had to be non aggressive but informative. An animated film was suggested as part of one suite of ideas.


After plenty of thinking, we decided on a creative animation to be translated into several languages. The video was also sent to a target list of refurbishers and resellers across Europe who had been up to no good, selling dodgy PCs.


The film follows a character who sells dodgy PCs. He comes unstuck when he sells a PC to an unsuspecting celebrity footballer who takes the PC home, only to have it break down. The uproar that follows is on a Hollywood scale! The video was written by the very talented Joe Maggs and storyboarded, animated and created by our very own Laurie Peters.

+ Joe Maggs


  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Copywriting
  • Voice over, sound and FX
  • Translation
  • supporting email campaign

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News & stuff from Peters-Fox