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Advertising toolkit

Regus had invested in a new recruitment brand and it was important the ‘make business happen’ message was reflected throughout all their attraction messages - not only for candidate experience - but more importantly to engage with the right talent. 


We needed to communicate the new Regus recruitment brand to candidates around the world – realising the challenges this posed – we had to think of a solution that was simple and effective for all.


In order to deliver the brand in a consistent, professional way - we needed to create tools and ready made assets. This would enable hiring managers and recruiters - who were the main communicators with candidates - to do what they needed to do. 


We created an ‘advertising toolkit’ – with predesigned adverts - all written and ready to use.  We stored the ‘toolkit’ on a secure ‘cloud’ platform – so candidates could get access to them 24/7. Items included:

• Job postings • Email alerts • Posters
• Print adverts • Good job cards 
• Exhibition stands • Leaflet • Photos 
• Banners / MPU's • Linked in layout

Regus have already enjoyed more applications than previous to using our adverts. Candidates applying for Regus jobs have been of higher quality since engaging with Peters-Fox.


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